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Provision of Nutritional support

Individuals with profound disabilities are at the greatest risk of becoming underweight and may fall sick frequently. The more dependent the client, the higher the risk of becoming malnourished and dehydrated. Individuals with complex feeding problems are at a greater risk of receiving inadequate nutritional intake.

Nutrition support, defined as the provision of enteral or parenteral nutrition, has made great strides over the past three decades. A health promoting diet improves quality of life and is associated with lower rates of secondary conditions, such as overweight and obesity, physical fitness and conditioning problems, depression, fatigue, and heart disease. More nutritious food must be supplemented to children with differently abled to develop their mental and physical abilities and growth. More and more poetized food with carbohydrates and calcium intake must be supplied to the children with disabilities to improve their strength and growth. 

Malnutrition can cause permanent, widespread damage to a child's growth, development and well-being. Stunting in the first 1,000 days is associated with poorer performance in school, both because malnutrition affects brain development, and also because malnourished children are more likely to get sick.


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