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Early Intervention & Rehabilitation Centre

Early Intervention & Rehabilitation Centre for Special Needs Children, Yanam, Puducherry (UT)

  • Yanam is in the Puducherry Union Territory of India, situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal. Yanam is an island situated about 30 Km away from Kakinada in the coastal region of Bay of Bengal where the Rehabilitation services are poor and most of the children with disabilities & malnutrition, developmentally delayed are living in miserable conditions.
  • Uma Educational and Technical Society is running a Special School for the Children with Intellectual Disabilities at Yanam, Puducherry (Union Territory of India) with the financial support from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Government of India, New Delhi for providing Special Education, social acceptance, respect their inherent dignity, individual autonomy and sense of belonging through sensitization and awareness programmes.
  • This center is providing Rehabilitation services to the Special Needs Children in the surrounding areas of Yanam. Sri. Malladi Krishna Rao, Hon’ble Ministry of Health, Government of Puducherry (UT) is partially extending his financial support.
  • The main objective of this center is to provide services like special Education, Therapeutic services, Home based intervention and Education, Inclusion and Mainstreaming, Vocational skill training and job placement etc. to the persons with different abilities with special needs.

This center is providing Rehabilitation services to the following categories of children.
  • Children with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Children with Cerebral Palsy.
  •  Children with Autism.
  • Children with Hearing Impaired.
  • Children with Multiple Disabilities.
  •  Children with Learning Disabilities.
  • Children and Adults with Loco motor Disabilities.
The following activities are followed thoroughly by professionals like Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Psychologists, Speech Therapist and Special Educators working for the cause of Disabilities.

The Target age group is from 0 to 18 years our motto is to provide Therapeutic Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education, Psychological Interventions, Medical & Health Interventions, Communication & Social Interventions, Recreational Development activities, Integrating into the mainstream of Education, Special Education and Training at Primary to Vocational level and Providing suitable Teaching Learning Material (TLM) Kits to the needy poor children. The categories are developmentally delayed children.


  • The following are the activities going on for the betterment of persons with different abilities:
  • Some of these differently abled are attending the center daily for their development. Our special educators are putting their efforts to improve their ability. It is noticed that better development has taken place during this year. The below mentioned table shows the persons with different abilities who are attending regularly to the center.
  • Different types of educational modes are being adopted through FACP (Functional Assessment Checklist Programme) Pre Primary, Primary-I, Primary-II, Secondary, Prevocational and Vocational classes based on their skill, age, mobility and capability.


Uma Foundation invites enthusiast individuals to come forward and volunteer.



We request individuals to donate generously for the Special School Program (for the children with intellectual disabilities).



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