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Medical & Social Interventions

Disability attitudes are major barriers in improving life conditions of Physically Challenged people in Developing Countries. Studies have shown that people in General, Harbor Negative and Paternalistic attitudes towards Persons with Disabilities. Myths, legends, scriptures and folklores are all part of the cultural belief system that shape such attitudes. The physically challenged suffer frequently more due to social prejudices than due to their disabling physical conditions.

The social and physical environment in which these physically challenged live is often designed without much consideration of their special needs. In this article, some social interventions aimed at changing disability attitudes of rural people in India are discussed. As part of a Community-based Rehabilitation program, the main thrust of these interventions were to shift attention of local communities from disabilities to abilities of the physically challenged. The efficiency of these social interventions are discussed.

Children of Day care and Hostellers will be taken for Medical check-up every quarter for follow up. This check-up will be closely monitored by our medical doctor and after diagnosing the health condition of the children, accordingly the doctor would prescribe the medicines to children. According to parent’s information about health condition and hygiene, the doctor would provide Medicines, Treatment, Support and other behavioral attitudes for development / reducing the severity of the disability. With the approval of District Medical and Health Officer, Kakinada District, Kakinada, the Primary Health Centre, Panduru is providing us required medicines once in a quarter and taking precautionary measures for these children and they are putting their efforts towards improvement of health conditions of these children.


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