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Comprehensive Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment in Special Education is the process used to determine a child’s specific learning strengths and needs and to determine whether or not the child is eligible for special education or services. Assessment in Special Education is a process that involves collection of information about the child for the purpose of making decisions. Assessment, is known as evaluation, can be seen as a problem-solving process that involves many ways of collecting information about the child.An assessment is “a process that involves the systematic collection and interpretation of a wide variety of information on which the base instructional/intervention decisions and, when appropriate, classification and placement decisions. Assessment is primarily a problem-solving process”.                                    
  • At present our Kakinada Base centre, L.B Nagar, Jagannathapuram, Ongole and Saluru are providing Comprehensive assessment services like taking information regarding birth history and methods of development of the child. Later on psychological assessment will be done by using tools, through assessment, IQ will be measured by psychologist and information will be passed on to other therapeutic members along with Special Educator. After psychological assessment Special Educator will follow system of functional assessment to the child by using checklist and gather information towards his strengths and weaknesses. Later on according to his age, level and need based curriculum he will be planned to follow the training.


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